Nextcloud on Synology DS 216J, configuration help / HTTPS / PHP Memory Cache / PHP Opcache

Nextcloud version (12):
Operating system and version (Synology DSM 6.1.2-15132):
Apache or nginx version (Apache 2.2):
PHP version (7):

The issue you are facing:
Hi there.
I got nextcloud 12 finally up and running on my DS 216J on the latest DSM version.
Now I have some questions about configuration. This is the screenshot of the security & configuration panel:

  • I read up on the first warning about changing the Apache VirtualHosts file up here:

Though I’m a total noob and I don’t know how to do that. Nano is installed, but I don’t know how to do it in putty. Can somebody give me the commands for this please?

  • Same with the other 2 warnings. I guess it’s a simple edit in putty. Which file is being refered to when it’s about the “php.ini”?

Thank you very much for your support. I’m a noob, pls don’t be too hard on me :-).
Have a sunny day.


These are recommendations which means it’s good to do that but it will work without it as well.

Problem with synology, it’s not a open system so only other synology users can help you. Check out their forum which webserver they use and where you can configure it.

Same for php.ini. You can though create a test-file which shows you the php-configuration with the php.ini-path (test.php: <?php phpinfo(); ?>).

Hello Pandanine look here:

the pictures are important :wink:

Under Web station; php settings; Advanced Setting; extensions

Change the values there

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Ok thank you very much.
I registered an the synology-forums, though there was no activation mail sent, and that’s hours ago -.-. First time it’s really important, since I can’t even open the pictures without being activated as a forum member.
Ok I’ll look for help there.

@tflidd: I know that these are recommendations, though they seem pretty important. I bought the ds216j without knowing the full potential of such a NAS, now I wish I bought a higher end machine. Though I wish to optimize performance, since it only has 512mb of ram and a 32bit processor. And the thing about the https not being forced bothers me. Wanna do it right so I don’t get an mim-attack or something else.

Thanks though for the recommendations.

Yes, that’s not much. Especially then it is very important to tune the parameters of all services.

You could though use a Raspberry or similar device only for Nextcloud and connect to your NAS storage. However, a 64-bit system would be nice (not sure what the state of the Linux images for RPi 3 is and if they are already on 64 bit). Advantage: you have a default Linux and can directly follow the guides.

Thanks for the info.
See I never intended to use my NAS so extensively. I just thought it would be nice to have all my movies to be streamed to all devices connected to the LAN.
Little did I know the possibilities of all this. Now I can’t stop finding out about everything to maximize the potential of this.

I also used a DS214+. Synology changed the license terms for the package center. I do not see 100% violence more about your own data. Actually, that was the purpose of Nextcloud at home!

@rene.froh so you’re telling me, that they are in control of my data/storage or where did you find this about the licence and the package?

Some time ago, you had to agree to the changes to the license terms. This was done with an update of the package center. Please read these modified license terms carefully. Draw your own conclusions.
I do not want to open a discussion here. At very much is written about it. It was just a brief note from me.

Especially interesting point 8 (in my case in German)

Ok thank you very much for the information. I’ll be looking into it.