Nextcloud on Odroid XU4 - a magnitude faster!

Hardkernel Odroid XU4 with its 8 cores, GBit networking, USB 3.0 is roughly a magnitude faster than RPi2, feeling identical to Intel box speed. But it needs some fine tuning:

Have fun!

The main problem with the RP series is the slow storage space connection.

I run a Owncloud instance on a Odroid X2 and it also works great.

I don’t think the RP2 was a good choice for the Nextcloud box due to the really slow storage space connectivity. But of course the RP is great for other reasons (main-line kernel support especially).

“Slow storage” mostly has to do with “write amplification”:

Additionally, on some SQL databases, simple select causes a flood of unnecessary I/O operations, beginning with setting timestamp on files while only reading (see noatime or relatime mount option).

No, it’s a specific RPi problem, see:

Certainly. But USB 2.0 is defined for 480 MBit, much faster than 100 MBit Ethernet, leaving enough room for file I/O. Problem here is latency with microsd cards. Sandisk extreme cards leading here by factor 10 to 100 to next competitors.

sorry to warm this up here.
as i got a xu4 these days, first thing i thought about it was: i should use it for NC
But this isn’t the best idea due to file size restrictions on php running on 32-bit systems. Or am I wrong on that? thanks for your replies in advance

just install a 64 bit OS