Nextcloud On Ios Select files to sync

Is there a way in the IOS app for Nextcloud to select what folders to sync ? Currently i have a 1.8tb Nextcloud server with 55gigs used and growing. I want to be able to select folders on what to and not to sync.

Is this possible ?

The iOS app doesn’t sync all your files - that would be pretty, euhm, impossible, first because iOS doesn’t allow an app to sync in the background and second, because no phone has as much storage as the typical Nextcloud user has :wink:

So it does selective sync by default - only update the files and folders you use. I think you can favorite them, that makes it sync.

If you meant for Mac OS X - yes, it is there in the settings. THere are two main ways:

  1. don’t sync ALL of Nextcloud, just remove that sync folder and sync specific folders on your Nextcloud with specific local folders.
  2. De-select some folders & subfolders in the settings of the client.