NextCloud on GlusterFS

I’ve moved our NextCloud installation from a simple NFS share onto GlusterFS, in anticipation of future expansion, as we add more storage and storage servers to our cluster.

The performance, though, has taken a bit of a nose dive.

NextCloud isn’t the only site we host and the other sites - which include some Wordpress sites (that also uses PHP and MySQL too, somewhat ruling those out as root causes) - are perfectly speedy. If there is a speed difference there, then it’s so minor that it’s not noticeable.

But, with NextCloud, it’s really slowed down the loading. Rather unacceptably so.

I did expect some slow down because, with the NFSv4 share, I used fs-cache to locally cache files. So, actually, only cache misses made the full network round-trip (and these front-end servers have 24GB of RAM and a few hundred GB of local disk space, which is pretty much devoted to caching).

But moving to GlusterFS, I’ve lost that, as Gluster only supports NFSv3 (and in an incompatible way with the kernel NFS server, so that causes issues too, as you have to turn off the kernel NFS server) and, with fs-cache, a filesystem needs to be aware of fs-cache to utilise it properly and, again, I don’t believe that GlusterFS can currently do that.

Has anyone else installed NextCloud on GlusterFS that has any useful tips as to (greatly) improve its performance?

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I know your post might be a little bit old but anyway :slight_smile:

I have installed Nextcloud 19 on a 3 node GlusterfS setup with the following settings :

  • One volume for the Apache2 vhost
  • One volume for the users data

All the VM have 8 GB of RAM.

The issue I’m having right now : after 2 weeks of uptime, all of the 8 GB RAM are full on all my servers.

The glusterfs processes are the ones using all the RAM.

Did you encounter this issue as well ?

If so, how did you manage to fix this ?

Thank you very much !