Nextcloud on domain.tld/nextcloud own website domain.tld (not working)

I have setup my nextcloud succesfully on my domain and own VPS.
SSL and all that is working.

I have it setup to cloud.domain.tld

Now I have apache 2 running and want to host my own website on domain.tld
I tried setting up my virtual host for domain.tld this worked but now if I go to domain.tld it shows a nextcloud Access through untrusted domain.

The things is nextcloud should now work on domain.tld

Someone any idea how to fix this?

I guess you should edit your config.php

take a look at:

And please follow these steps:
Read the manual
If this doesnt fix it: Post here and provide Information about your installation, like suggested in the Issue opening template on this site.

Its really hard to help, if we know nothing, not even the NC Version number.

  • 1st make sure your domain settings are correct
  • You need to edit trusted domains in config.php

Not sure on details besides that. Good luck!