Nextcloud on Docker report wrong avalaible space, while "data" folder is mounted on a different HDD

Hi! I have a Nextcloud instalation that is reporting wrong avalaible space on disc. It’s reportinig the main 120gb SSD space, but I have de data folder mounted on a external mount (a raid1 of 2tb HHD)

The system is x86, ubuntu server

My nextcloud service on docker-compose:

    container_name: nextcloud-app
    image: nextcloud
    restart: always
      - db
      - nextcloud:/var/www/html
      - /mnt/raid1/nextcloudData:/var/www/html/data
      - etcetcet.......

How can I tell Nextcloud where to “see” the real avalaible space? Thanks!!

It’s reporting correct info, just not for the disk you want. A second graph when the data folder is on a different disk is probably something that should be added given how many people do that, but I don’t know if this can be configured currently.

Yeah, that’s true. My main concern is that maybe nextcloud at some point would “think” that there is no space and I could have problems uploading new files. If it report wrong space but works, I really don’t care.

I tried with “external storage” but I couldn’t make it the default storage. Maybe that’s the way? but I didn’t find how

External storage is for accessing storage that’s outside the Nextcloud system.

Put simply, the way you change the primary storage is by putting Nextcloud’s installation there.

But I don’t want to have the app on those slow HDD. Do you know if the system would still work when it hit the teorically “no space” limit?

Running out of space on your root filesystem will cause you a lot of problems, not just with Nextcloud. You should never let the root partition fill up.

I will not run out of space, nextcloud is reporting the HDD used spaces as the main SSD used space…

on my 128gb SSD I have 80gb free
on my 2tb I have 1.6tb free and 60gb used with media
nextcloud reports that I have 20gb left

I don’t think I follow your question. If your root volume never fills up, then Nextcloud would never report it as being full.

MY BAD! I was filling the /mnt/raid1 folder on the SSD because I never put the mount on startup

Still bad reports of free space tho. If I find a solution, will post it