Nextcloud on Docker behind proxy


I installed the official version of
Nextcloud in Docker on Windows.

To make a reverse proxy secured by Letsencrypt, I installed Debian in Docker. On which I installed apache which serves as my proxy.

I managed to get a Letsencrypt certificate for the proxy but when I want to access Nextcloud via the proxy, I have a page which indicates that the domain is not known and that I must add it to the list of " trusted domain ".
I made the addition but it does not change.
I also added the proxy address as “trusted proxy” with no result either.

What can I do to make it work?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I am having the same issue, I cant figure out what the issue is. Is there any way to view the domain nextcloud sees for debugging purposes? I can only access nextcloud through the local IP address, or a DNS from my domain. Once I try to use my reverse proxy it says I’m trying to access from an untrusted domain

I have fixed the problem, however I am using NGINX instead of apache. The solution was to add
proxy_set_header Host;
This fixed the domain not being trusted, its because NGINX changed the data around somehow and got rid of the host entry. Hopefully you can apply this to apache and get your domains working