NextCloud on Diskstation Backup

I am running Nextcloud 14 on my Synology DS218+ NAS. It is a standard installation, not using Docker or Snap or anything like that. I use it for files, calendar and contacts. I would like to make sure it is backed up. Currently I use Synology Hyperbackup to backup my whole web server shared folder which contains Nextcloud. I also backup the MariaDB app, which I assume backs up the SQL database.

Is there a better way to make sure I have a robust backup? PHPMyAdmin lets me export the SQL database, but only manually. I’ve searched online and all the advice points to mysqldump - which doesn’t exist on my NAS. It appears MariaDB 10 doesn’t contain this file.

Thank you for reading this and for any advice offered.

I’m disappointed nobody seems to have a solution. I’ve tried various Synology support forums and am told to ask in Nextcloud forums, users in the Nextcloud reddit tell me to ask Synology users - so I’m going round in circles!

Just an idea:

  1. Install Nextcloud in a Docker Container like this one (or use it) :
  2. Run this Container on the Diskstation (+ Mount local drive)
  3. Afterwards Sync your remote NextCloud with a Client on your Machine.