Nextcloud Office webview

in the desktop version of Libre Office I can pick if I want to view the page in a typical, printable format (say A4 or anything), or what is called ‘web’ view, which eliminates the margins on both sides and removes page breaks. it’s what’s called in Google Docs ‘pageless view’.

the two formats side by side. left: ‘web’ view or pageless and right: standard A4 format (showing margins and transition between 2 pages).

I couldn’t find the option to display a document in ‘web view’ in the web version of Nextcloud Office. I can only pick from the standard print compatible page formats. any idea if it’s an option and where to find it?


Web Layout the Collabora Office docs features an article referencing this option. it should sit under the ‘View’ menu as in the Desktop version of Libre Office.

desktop Libre:

in Nextcloud Office, there’s no such thing under the ‘View’ menu

Collabora Office is their desktop application suite, which essentially is a rebranded desktop LibreOffice with enterprise support. The web-based version used in Nextcloud is called Collabora Online. Both are based on LibreOffice, but not all features of the desktop applications necessarily translate one-to-one to the online version, and some features may be missing altogether.

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It’ll need to be added in Online. There’s a tracker for the enhancement request already. I suppose you should upvote it if it interests you: