Nextcloud office, onlyoffice real-time share editing issue

I am having a problem with both nextcloud office and onlyoffice. I installed nextcloud on a server with centos, I disabled selinux thinking the problem was related to this, but still with both if I open a file from multiple users (in share editing), I only see the other user’s cursor but not its changes to the file in real-time. The changes made by users are all saved, the only problem is that they are not displayed in real-time. What could be the problem?

There are a lot of different possibilities what could be wrong in your configuration. But we have no information about your setup. Would you mind to try again using the support template, telling us some details about your installation?

if you tell me the details you need, I’ll give them to you

Please, can anyone help me with this issue? What kind of information is needed?

Greetings, did you manage to solve the problem? faced with the same malfunction. Thanks