Nextcloud Office not working in AIO Installation

I just installed nextcloud 27 in ubuntu server 22.04 inside proxmox. Everything is working except Nextcloud Office. How to fix it?

I Used the following command for installation:

For Linux and without a web server or reverse proxy (like Apache, Nginx, Cloudflare Tunnel and else) already in place:

sudo docker run
–name nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer
–restart always
–publish 80:80
–publish 8080:8080
–publish 8443:8443
–env NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR=“/mnt/volume2/nextcloud_data”
–volume nextcloud_aio_mastercontainer:/mnt/docker-aio-config
–volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro

Maybe Seccomp? You can disable it:

If you later want to use Seccomp you’ll probably have to mess around with the Seccomp configuration in Proxmox / LXC - e.g.

But also check the Proxmox forums (I don’t use Proxmox in production so can’t say how for sure).