Nextcloud Office in NC version 25.0.1

On Nextcloud Office they say ‘We provide a free build of Nextcloud Office for private use.’
I have installed Nextcloud version 25.0.1, and I can not find any Nextcloud Office in the app store.
Where can I find this free build of Nextcloud Office they mention on their website? How can it be installed?

Hi @oschko

You should be able to find it under App bundles → Hub Bundle. Make sure you install both, Nextcloud Office and Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server.

Hi bb77,

thank you for your answer. They must have added it most recently. When I posted my question there was only Collabora Online (under Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server), and it said it was only for older NC versions. This has gone now, and Nextcloud Office can be activated.