Nextcloud offers CalDav Synchronizer for Outlook users

Yes, I created that thread.
But thought, the topic maybe fits in here as well…

Right now, I am not shure, WHICH Part (nextcloud / caldav synchronizer / outlook) is causing the problem…

sure thing you created it. just wanted to let ppl know about the (german) crossposting… since sometimes it’s kinda difficult to keep track about everything.

Meanwhile, I found out, that even if I import a VCF 3 File containing the Informations about Spouse and anniversary, its ignored (or not shown) in nextcloud…

Most likely because custom fields are used instead of standardized fields :wink:

I am not shure, how CalDac Synchronizer works here.
If the software makes a vcard-File out of all the outlook-contacts, it should be able to include the fields in the right way.

Meanwhile I found the switch to include the anivarsary. So “only” the spouse is failing to be synced now…

Thank you for this great step-by-step-tutorial!

Unfortunately I don’t get any tasks from my Nextcloud instance displayed within Outlook, my calendars work fine. Can anyone help me here?

Thank in advance!

Does anyone know if the “Outlook connector” is free for community, or is it a paid app?

If it’s free, where can I download it?

It is developed by assanti.

You can download it here:

And read more here:

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ummm… file link for outlook would be the one @SmallOne just talked about.

if you’re referring to the tool that this thread is all about… you could find it everywhere on the net. github is here -->

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There are two different things:

  1. The Outlook Caldav Sync software by Generalize IT which is Open Source and the topic of this thread.
  2. The Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in from Assanti which is proprietary with a freeware version available that is sometimes uploaded by @usselite over here:
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Thanks guys!

The Outlook Add-in Caldav Synchronizer works great. It syncs my contacts and calendar(s) with my Nextcloud instance and then I use DAVx5 to sync my phone with my Android phone. Very smooth.

I would, at some point, prefer to removed Outlook out of the equation and just sync my Hotmail/ contacts and calendar with my Nextcloud instance. That would allow me to keep my shared Outlook calendars in Sync with Nextcloud. That will be important to me until I can fully move away from Hotmail/Outlook accounts (which will take time).

Any thoughts? Any prospects for a better solution, or just stay with the CalDAV Synchronizer until such time as I can fully make the move. Thanks.

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I also have been able to successfully install and use the Caldav Synchronizer with Outlook 2010. I am able to connect to multiple calendars and create meetings and retrieve meetings from NextCloud.

I am unable, though, to retrieve free/busy status of other users on my NextCloud server. I know that NextCloud is capable of supplying that information since Thunderbird clients are able to see free/busy status. What am I missing for Outlook 2010 to be able to retrieve free/busy status of meeting invitees?

Hi there,

I install under ISPconfig 3, a Nextcloud server.
Everíthing works fine (file share, mail sending, up/down loads).
I try to set up my Outlook 2019 the CalDav Synchronizer, but every time i’ve got 401, unauthorized…

I try it an another Nextcloud server (standalone server) and the same problem of any users…

Has any idea what’s wrong?


CalDavSynchronizer.DataAccess.WebDavClientException: Response status code does not indicate success: ‘401’ (‘Unauthorized’). Message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<d:error xmlns:d=“DAV:” xmlns:s=“”>
<s:message>No public access to this resource., Username or password was incorrect, No ‘Authorization: Bearer’ header found. Either the client didn’t send one, or the server is mis-configured, Username or password was incorrect</s:message>

Unfortunately without DETAILED information how you’re trying to access the server, how your environment looks like, what kind of certificate you’re using etc., etc. this question cannot be answered.

Thanks, You’re right!
Updated my post!

The whole story here is for people that have a Nextcloud server account somewhere.

I have the following problem. I want to share a calendar which was set up in Nextcloud with lots of people that have different email clients, e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird. I can distribute the public calendar link from Nextcloud Calendar App and all Thunderbird people just click on this link and get the calendar imported.

But Outlook does not know what to do with such a link from Nextcloud Calendar App.
This CalDav Synchronizer could be a solution but it askes the people for a username and password of a Nextcloud server. But they do not have. They just want to have a look on a public calendar within their Outlook. What could this target group do? How they can import the Nextcloud calendar in read-only-modus in their Outlook?

Hi @cb2-dd

I’m not using Outlook myself, but maybe this is of any help…

CalDav Synchronizer is a very usefull software. Thanks !
I need it to migrate “groups of contacts” from outlook to nextcloud contacts.
I found the option into advanced parameters of the profil to synchronize the groups of contacts.
After synchonization, contacts appear in nextcloud contacts apps. However the groups of contacts are not sent to the nextcloud server.
Is there any solution ?