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I am trying to use Nextcloud as a OAuth provider for a frontend site using vuejs. I didn’t succeed in finding enough information to get it working with any OAuth package I found. I did add an entry in the Admin->security->OAuth section and get an ID and secret.

From my readings it seems that Nextcloud only allow code workflow and not credential.

I’d appreciate any point to a working solution to ue OAuth in javascript.

On the other hand I’d also would like to be able to put to and get files from my js app. I understand that I will have to use webdav for this? Is it possible to cope with auth with webdav?


To follow up a bit, as it was very late when I posted.

I am trying to follow the instruction of the simple-Oauth2 npm package with the autorization code workflow and using the autorize endpoint https://my-nextcloud-instance/index.php/apps/oauth2/authorize. But when I get to the created uri with the secret I am just redirected to my dashboard if I am connected to nextcloud or else to the login page then to the dashboard.

What is the problem? May it come from the apache configuration? I didn’t expose the apache config volume in my docker compose so I don’t know if the config is correct (in particular, it seems that modenv and moderewrite should be enable? The doc says nothing about it).


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did you found a solution ?