Nextcloud now unusable for me


Unfortunately my english is not very good and I help myself with a translator.

I have been running nextcloud on a shared webhosting for a long time. This has worked well. After an update, nextcloud became extremely slow, so it is no longer usable. It is not even possible to view error messages, because that simply takes hours.
Why does everything always have to be faster, better, more comprehensive? Why do we need dozens, if not hundreds of functions? The older versions worked fine and now I can’t use nextcloud anymore. This is more than annoying. Was not the goal to make the user independent of large cloud providers. Now nextcloud is just forcing me to go to one of those companies.

Translated with (free version)

Well, this is your opinion. For me personally the extended ecosystem with rich features are essential, so everyone has personal needs.
You can disable the apps you do not want. Probably you have a bad setup, because Nextcloud is well known to also run fine even on a raspberry pi.

Otherwise you can of course choose an alternative with another target group or focus. Having a choice is always a good thing.


Please excuse me for grumbling here. I installed again and realized that I chose sqlite as database in the previous installation. It is now running well. I am very pleased.