Nextcloud Notes Android App - Error Message

Hi there!

I’ve got 2 questions:

  • Why does every update deactivate non standard apps?

  • Could the Android Nextcloud Notes App be improved to not show this cryptic error:
    “org.json.JSONException: Value <!DOCTYPE of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONArray”
    When the Notes app is disabled on the Nextcloud instance, but instead something more descriptive with a suggestion of how the problem might be fixed?

  1. Afaik, non-standard apps are automatically disabled when Nextcloud is updated, to reduce the risk of a possible impact on the base system. It happened in the past that non-standard apps, which are not tested with a release, crashed the system. Therefore the decision has been felt to deactivate it and let the Administrator reactivate it.

  2. The given error message might haven’t been reported yet to the developers. Please check the Notes app repository for related issues or open a new one if you couldn’t find one.

Thanks for the reply.
I created this issue:

Fine, but you should follow the issue template and add information about the used Nextcloud version, the app version etc. because otherwise no-one will know the exact environment in a couple of weeks.

I didn’t see a template in their issue tracker.
And I believe that with this issue (the web server probably returning an html error page instead of an JSONString) the versions of Server and App I am running should be relatively unimportant.