Nextcloud not working since a power outage

I’m having trouble accessing my nextcloud from outside after a power outage.

Everything was working fine until the power went out at home and when it came back, and I started my server, I can access my nextcloud from the monitor correctly, but from the internet, outside my LAN, there is no access.


I have turned the server off and on several times.
I have restarted apache2 and mariadb.
I have checked that the ports are open with ufw
I have checked the configuration files and everything is correct, and I have also casually looked at the SSL certificates.

My nextcloud installation is NOT on Docker, but directly on the hard drive on debian 11.

I don’t know what to look at anymore.
Any advice?

That should be your hint.
Just a suspicion, without knowledge about your network Maybe port forwarding rules failed outside of your server in the router after the power outage?

Did you try to restart the router?

Yes naturally.
I have rebooted router and server several times and still the same.
All my equipment is connected to the router without problems, TV, Tablet, mobiles, etc.

And if I ping from another internet provider and from outside my local network, it also looks fine and no packet sent is lost.

In other words, from outside my LAN it can be seen, but it doesn’t resolve the name or something like that, and my DNS No-IP provider says that there are no problems.

I don’t understand anything. And all because of a power outage…

After a diagnosis with the chrome browser it tells me; resource is online but does not respond to connection attempts

From your LAN, could you go to and check what your current IP is?
Then via nslookup (best away from your LAN) check what the resolved IP is for domain

Do they match?

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Sorry, thought that with you meant your (obscured) hostname which you use to reach your nextcloud instance from the internet. Can you please with the real one (do not post it). For example via DNS Lookup Tool - DNS Tools - MxToolbox.

That lookup should match the IP that you get from If not, your browser on the internet is not connecting to your instance.

The IPs do not match.

What I can do?

Your outside IP changed when all the equipment lost power and was restarted. Someone else’s router replied to the ping you sent before.

You’ll have to either:

  1. Update your DNS record(s) manually, or
  2. Troubleshoot your dynamic DNS setup, if applicable.

How did you set it up before?

I did it automatically when I registered in NO-IP

I have finally entered my control panel of my NO-IP account and I have set it manually, and now it finally works.

Thank you so much.

Good to hear it is working again. Best thing would be to update your address automatically via a DDNS client or via your router (not all routers have this though). In this way it does not matter when your IP address changes (for example during a reboot of the router).

I thought this made it NO-IP

better to not list your actual IP address on forum sites. you can still edit your post and remove it.