Nextcloud not working because Nextcloud.exe is deleted

Hello, I’m sorry for my bad English, I’m still learning.
I have a problem with my Nextcloud in my company.
In fact, several people have already had this problem. It seems that the Nextcloud .exe is no longer in the “c:\Program Files\Nextcloud” directory (See screenshot “Nextcloud1 & 2.JPG”). Nextcloud is deployed by Intune in a simple and silent way (without restrictions or anything), the version is 3.8.2. This is already the 3rd time that it has done this to me, it seems that it is when a new update is available on Nextcloud that the “Nextcloud.exe” file is deleted. The Windows “repair” function does not work to get Nextcloud working again (See screenshot “Nextcloud4.JPG”).
Did I make a mistake during my deployment or is the problem due to an older version of Nextcloud? Do you have any ideas or solutions for me? Thank you for reading my problem and thank you in advance for your answers.
Have a nice day

Does Intune handle updates? If so, you may need to disable the NC Client’s auto-update:

Just a wild guess.