Nextcloud not working after a few days

I have installed nextcloud Each time after everything worked smoothly, Nextcloud can suddenly no longer be accessed. A white page appears and you can see that the loading process is running, but it is not completed. I have already reinstalled nextcloud twice, then it works for 1-2 days, then it is finished again. Does anyone have any ideas?

What do you think is the intro for, that you simply deleted?
You should please NEVER think, that others can find an solution to your problem without information about the installation.
What is your Operating Sytem, what is your Web-Server, did you even install a Docker-image or AIO? How do you connect to your server? is it behind a reverse proxy, from local network or is it hosted on a server and you reach it via internet?
And where are the webserver-logfile entries from the working and not working connection attempts? Where do I find the Logfile entries from the nextcloud log, what Apps are activated?

I certainly have a suspicion, but without precise information it is just as dubious to simply express it. Nevertheless, I will express my suspicion here and hope that you will be able to solve your problem all by yourself: it looks like the built-in security mechanisms like brute force blocking and rate limit protection are kicking in. Why and wherefore can only be clarified with sufficient information.

So please show us at least that much respect and spread that information and don’t let everything be pulled out of your nose.

Thank you for your clarification. When I formulated my problem, I already suspected that the reaction might be like this. I did not know where to find the necessary information about the operating system of my host. Next time I will be more precise. And I almost don’t dare say it … my Nextcloud is doing its job perfectly at the moment. For how long :thinking:? Thanks anyway for taking the time to respond.

The Nextcloud logfile is a good starting point:

And perhaps the webserver logfile, on Linux systems usually on /var/log then apache, nginx, httpd, … depending on the webserver and the OS.