Nextcloud not loading Fotos


I tried, CentOS8, Debian 10, and now Ubuntu 20.04 with fresh installs. Nextcloud 20.04

I use Virtualmin because I need it for management and other sites.

On all OS’s I cannot get the Fotos app to display anything.

there is just an endlessly loading circle.

Nothing of note in the log.

it displays it all in the “files” app.

Any ideas?

Also; even the nextcloud official demo has this problem.

You can use in your browser “network analysis” (e.g. in Firefox F12 or right click on website). Perhaps some object are not loaded.

Thanks. It works in vanilla opera. But once I install lastpass and ublock origin it stops working. Even if I disable them for nextcloud the foto app stops working.

Only chrome seems to work all the time. But I dont use chrome.

Firefox, Opera, MS edge stop working after lastpass and ublock origin. Even uninstalling those extensions will not fix it.

Only vanilla browsers seem to work.

The error in network is NS_BINDING_ABORTED