Nextcloud not working

So I wanted to use, but I just get an error:
Internal server error
The server could not complete the request.

If this occurs again, please send the following technical details to your server administrator.

Further details can be found in the server log.

Technical details
Remote address: (My IP)
Request identifier: wOETS8C4TpVdq2xrEajN

(I have multiple files saved on there, and I would like not to lose everything.)

I’ve got the same problem. From a Unix (Ubuntu 18.04) system I can’t login to my account any more. From a Windows 10 system I can access NextCloud, but I’m missing data - one folder and several subfolders are gone - hopefully not permanently lost.

I think this is the wrong place for your request. I would recommend to contact the hosting provider and ask him to fix the problem for you. See, e.g.

2 Likes is working.

So well… it IS a problem of… and thus anyone here can help you. You need to get in touch with… like @j-ed said.

Few weeks ago there was the same problem with .

Just want to report that Tab Digital seems to be having problems and they are not responding to chat messages on their website.
This morning I was getting errors synching my contacts - 505 I think.
At the same time I was not able to get any updated info via the nextcloud app on my android either.
I tried to message them via chat on the website - not response. Those issue resolved but still no response.
Now I am unable to log in to my account via the desktop web browser. My Username and PW combo is not being recognized.
Tried to reach out via chat on website - still no joy. does not sync my files, message: ‘Update in process.’ for the 2nd day today

I think it is at normal that a upgrade needs a lot of days.
Not a really good service.

I get the same “Update in process.”


Email us at:

Call us: +371 66117130

Or write to us at:
SIA Network Operations Center
Braslas iela 22, Riga, LV1084

How to contact the appropriate authority

Should you wish to report a complaint or if you feel that Our Company has not addressed your concern in a satisfactory manner, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

SIA Network Operations Center
Braslas iela 22, Riga, LV1084
Tel: +371 66117130

Only trust your self-hosted nextcloud instance, or a larger German company.

In my case, is for test or play, not for work.

We don’t offer a free account, but only for 10 € / year with very good support and a fast cloud.

Hinter den Tannen 3a
21509 Glinde

+49 (0) 40 94796268 (kein Support)
+49 (0) 40 94796269


A one man show?

My recommendation,,, if I am dependent.

@nc-kay does not sell nextcloud hosting. sells nextcloud support.
Another nextcloud hoster is Nextcloud Hosting | Gratis mit 1GB starten |

Why you think we are a “one man” show?

No, we are not as big as IONOS and Hetzner, but with us you get quality and excellent support.
Google us and you will find some reviews about us. We have been on the market since 2015 and offer Nextcloud much earlier than the above hosters.

And please don’t forget, you get what you pay for!
Hetzner does not create or offer a backup. The price is hot, but is your data worth the price when it’s all gone?

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I don’t have really good experiences with free providers either. I started NC with The Good Cloud too see how that works and if I should get a subscription. Had nothing but technical issues and support wasn’t possible for free users. Then switched to Tab Digital, worked great until a few months back. Had these server errors on a regular basis only for a short duration and it was working again for weeks on end. Was thinking about getting a subscription and now it’s down for days. Guess I have to look for yet another provider, preferably with Dutch servers.

In defense of - AFAIK they move you and your data to a separate server for their paid subscription.

I’ve had no issues with my ~2 euro a month 32 gb subscription. I’ve even been able to use NextCloud Talk with friends for video conferencing in north america with workable latency.

I’ve also had them reply to issues within a day or two through a support ticket.

I think they get so many free accounts that they ignore them, and hope that people upgrade to get support. They’re probably going about it in a bad way because by not responding to their free clients people are getting frustrated and leaving because they think it’s an example of their poor service, rather than encouraging people to pay for service.

They should make it explicit when you sign up that their free version will result in 0 customer support and they’ll treat you like dirt. In my experience their paid service has been quite good - stability and support wise.

I would suggest that at 2 euros (which is what, a small breakfast?) you could try the paid support, see if it’s to your liking (responsiveness and solution-finding wise). If not, just cancel and you’re out 2 euros. I’ve heard intermittent fasting is good for you (if you have to skip a breakfast to recoup the cost). :slight_smile:


Thnx for your comment. I’ve decided to purchase a subscription and see how that goes. But now I have a question if I can do that with my free account. It looks like I have to create a new account because when I tried to login at it didn’t recognize my credentials. Is it correct that I have to delete my free account first and then create a new one while ordering the subscription? I couldn’t find any information about the procedure on their site. Thank you!

Normally you only create a nextcloud account at or . Perhaps test this sites for login. Also re-read your e-mails.

So I figured it out and had to create a new account when ordering the subscription. That was all good. However, after I logged out and later tried to relogin the website I was welcomed with a “Login Details Incorrect. Please try again” message. The account I just created on The password was auto generated and saved in my pw manager so I’m 100% sure I used the right one. Strange thing also is that I haven’t received any emails from them after creating the account. I did however received emails with the free account last year. Even though my login credentials were correct I tried the password reset option. Again, no email received. Also nothing in the spam folder. It’s like my account completely vanished or something. I issued a support ticket and explained the issue. Gonna wait for a response and otherwise ask for a refund. Good first impression with their paid service… not.

Yeah dunno. When I used their free version I signed up for a new account and considering it was a different URL I figured it was a different server so I just copy and pasted all my data over into the new Nextcloud on my desktop.

I imagine this would be more problematic if you were using features like Deck and RSS, etc.

I believe there is a way for them to transfer all of your data from one server to another using the federated system.

If they didn’t provide you with support from your email on your paid account then they’re not worth your business.

Wouldn’t mind hearing back from you to see if they’ve resolved it so others reading this thread in the future know if they’re good support with paid plans or not. For me they’ve been fine but it’s better to have multiple reviews.

Thnx for your comment. They never replied to my ticket. I openened a case in Paypal and explained my issue. The quickly replied there… asking me to create a ticket about my issue (what?) I referred to the ticket I already created… no reply. Then asked for a refund because I don’t have a good feeling about them. A few days later I suddenly received an email from them… a message that my payment was due and the service was deactivated. The Paypal transaction was 100% successful, I wouldn’t have an open case if it wasn’t. Then I escalated the case to Paypal and they refunded me in a day. God bless Paypal. Tab Digital might work fine for others but don’t expect any decent support if you have any issues. Case closed.