Nextcloud not working

So I wanted to use, but I just get an error:
Internal server error
The server could not complete the request.

If this occurs again, please send the following technical details to your server administrator.

Further details can be found in the server log.

Technical details
Remote address: (My IP)
Request identifier: wOETS8C4TpVdq2xrEajN

(I have multiple files saved on there, and I would like not to lose everything.)

I’ve got the same problem. From a Unix (Ubuntu 18.04) system I can’t login to my account any more. From a Windows 10 system I can access NextCloud, but I’m missing data - one folder and several subfolders are gone - hopefully not permanently lost.

I think this is the wrong place for your request. I would recommend to contact the hosting provider and ask him to fix the problem for you. See, e.g.

2 Likes is working.

So well… it IS a problem of… and thus anyone here can help you. You need to get in touch with… like @j-ed said.

Few weeks ago there was the same problem with .

Just want to report that Tab Digital seems to be having problems and they are not responding to chat messages on their website.
This morning I was getting errors synching my contacts - 505 I think.
At the same time I was not able to get any updated info via the nextcloud app on my android either.
I tried to message them via chat on the website - not response. Those issue resolved but still no response.
Now I am unable to log in to my account via the desktop web browser. My Username and PW combo is not being recognized.
Tried to reach out via chat on website - still no joy.