Nextcloud mount nuxeo webdav directory

Is it possible to mount a nuxeo directory in nextcloud using webdav?

why don’t you just try it?

awww. and welcome to the forum, btw :slight_smile:

because i don’t know how to do this?
thank for the welcome.
I’m french I don’t understand "awww. and welcome to the forum, btw "

As you are asking a really specific question, I guess that what @JimmyKater is suggesting is that either you try and let us now what problems you are facing or you pose a more technically clear question.

From what you wrote it is not clear if you already searched Nextcloud or Nueo manuals for informations on WebDAV…:

If yes, could you explain what are the problems?

Remember that here people is offering help for free. Help us to help you

Another useful tip: “BTW” = “By The Way
I’d render “awww” as “mmmmm”.

So @JimmyKater wrote you “and welcome to the forum, by the way”
which is translated by google as “et bienvenue sur le forum, au fait”.

Take into account that neither @JimmyKater (if I am not wrong) nor me are mother tongue English speakers…

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Ok thank you for your answer.
I have Nextcloud 19 and I want to create a directory in nextcloud user web interface which points to a nuxeo directory.
One of the solution I imagined is to use Webdav Protocol to connect to the nuxeo directory with nextcloud.
The goal is to share the contents of a nuxeo directory in the nextcloud user interface.