NextCloud mobile 4.2.1 crashes on iPad IOS 12.5.4

For information or advice?
I was able last week to install and use NextCloud on an IOS 12.5.5 ipad Air with no problem.
Yesterday NextCloud was updated in the Appel Store (v β†’ 4.2.1).
Today I wanted to install NextCLoud on a second identical device. I was able to install the proposed version (4.2.1) on the iPad (IOS 12.5.5 ipad Air) but from the first launch the application crashes (passage in the background without message). And it’s the same every time you start it. I tried restarting, i tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, always the same thing.

Does anyone have a solution? Thank you in advance !

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I have exactly the same crash today with the same model of ipad :
Ipad Air iOS 12.5.5

Thank you for your help and excuse me for my english :wink:


Same crash here as well.


Hi there,
since the update to 4.2.1 there have been problems with the iPads. :frowning_face:

Is it already known when there will be a solution or a new update?

An update to Nextcloud version 4.2.2, available for a week, solved the problem today.
No more problem between ipad IOS 12.5.4 or 12.5.5 and NextCloud 4.2.2.
Thanks for the fix and for all the hard work on this project.
All the best