Nextcloud Meetings

Hello folks,

i’d like to present you an idea of a meeting-app for nextcloud and look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.


Your team wants to organize a meeting. Now, someone has to set up the meeting, defining the date, the (virtual) place and has to invite participants. The next steps are collecting the items of the agenda, sort them, weight them and perhaps assign a responsible person to them.

Now, the meeting is happening. You have someone for moderation, someone for logging and in ideal circumstances your team produces remakable decisions, information, and assigns tasks to different people.

Afterwards, several things are usually done: the protocol is sent to everyone who is affected by it, it is archived, content from it is forwarded to various offices. It can be publicly viewable or only available to certain target groups.


Now imagine there’s an app for Nextcloud that helps you make it all happen in a highly integrated way in your instance.

  • Calendar takes care of the timing placement and inviting the appropriate people.
  • In case of a virtual meeting Talk gives the needed vieoconferencing technology
  • The individual agenda items are entered directly into the app by the authorized people, perhaps linked to appropriately relevant files.
  • Info points, e.g. bookmarks can thus be made available to everyone in advance and then, nicely, take up hardly any valuable meeting time later on.
  • Other team members can comment and ask questions - perhaps clarifying some things in advance or showing the importance of the item for the meeting.
  • Before the meeting, the moderator can weight the items on the agenda, put them in chronological order, and rearrange them if necessary.
  • Logging with text takes place directly in the app under the respective item and can be divided into different categories: for example, info point, resolution, task,…
  • If the log can be followed live by the others, a later approval may be unnecessary, since an intervention can happen immediately.
  • Tasks takes care of correctly assigning tasks to people - maybe Deck too?
  • The minutes end up as a PDF document in the shared group folder or in a mail, decisions perhaps end up in a database, public parts of the minutes are forwarded to interested people via other apps.


I know that this kind of meeting and logging seems a bit anachronistic in the age of agile working. But I am sure that there are many teams that still coordinate in a similar way and for whom this would be a huge relief - and perhaps also a step towards more dynamic work.

A lot of inspiration from and Humhub Meeting - both are precious tools, but an integration into an environment like Nextcloud really gives the boost

About me

I can program, but have no experience in creating apps for Nextcloud. But I would like to learn and use this idea of a meeting-app to try my first steps. Nice to know there are good documentations and howtos.

If an experienced Nextcloud programmer has good tips for conceptualization that go beyond the usual admin-doku, I’m of course happy about it on github

  • Appointments app allows for meeting scheduling in the Calendar. Have you tried that?
  • Forms app would probably also be useful if you are seeking input.
  • Deck app allows you to define a group and assign tasks to individuals, which will show up in the calendar
  • You can also create deck cards from a Talk conversation.
  • You could always attach notes and folders to your meeting as a “project” under sharing options. This will connect those files and folders with Deck and Talk.