Nextcloud main website outdated

I am browsing with a mobile browser. I find it very difficult to navigate when I just want to download source.tar

then when I find it it’s not recent. I am running download of beta seems 25

when I updated to 25.0.5 I had issues and updated to by selecting beta version in admin overview.

Now how can I figure out if I’m running 26rc3 or the actual 26 stable release?

Source tars can be downloaded directly from GitHub: Releases · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Specific versions of the actual installation files (tar or zip) can be downloaded here: Index of /server/releases

…or directly from the command line of your server, by using wget:


What does it say under Administration Settings → Version or on https://cloud.yourdomain.tld/status.php ?

I find the right download is hard to find even in a normal browser.
Get Nextcloud
Nextcloud server (Install - Nextcloud)
Scroll to the button
COMMUNITY PROJECTS (why this name?)
Get ZIP file

Maybe, of course, that the ZIP file is the least important download file for installing Nextcloud. Then the position may well be appropriate.

yes download via github. then why have a domain nextcloud. And what if I don’t have a github account. besides github is even more complicated to browse imo.

I don’t want a discussion I know there are other options.

what I want is a link to Index of /server/releases where I can simply get and browse any version I want, yet this is linked no where.

I could bookmark this for further use but would like to point out to the site maintaners that a link like above would be appreciated.

where would I go and request this feature?

Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.0)



Looks like you’re on the latest stable release.

No, but there is this… → Get Nextcloud → Nextcloud Server → Community Projects →
Archive → Looking for older versions or major releases?

…which links to this: Changelog - Nextcloud

…which is meant to be the user-facing front-end to the plain file list you would like to have linked.

At some point perhaps the devs can update this sort of information in an automated fashion so they won’t have to manually update the website after the fact. :person_shrugging: