Nextcloud Mail downloading/backing up emails?

I was doing some testing with Nextcloud Email client, for the purposes of backing up Gmail/Outlook emails in-case the account gets de-activated.

This was the process I tested

  • Setup email account to grant access for Nextcloud Email
  • Access email through Nextcloud Email, verify email contents
  • Disable IMAP/third party access
  • Test email is still accessible

Actual result was I could not see any email contents, I could see the Subject and From information but nothing else

My question is this, can Nextcloud Mail download emails or does it rely on a remote server connection?

If not, could this be a feature for a future release?

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We cache some of the data, but the app is not a backup.

An IMAP backup is definitely out of scope for us, there are sophisticated solutions that exist today, please refer to them.

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