Nextcloud Mac client needs admin password to install?

Just curious, why does the Mac client need my password to install? I’d expect it to be distributed as a regular app in a .dmg that can be copied to my Applications folder.

Instead, it’s distributed as a .pkg, and I need to supply my admin password to install it.

I’ve been burned in the past by .pkg apps that spray their stuff all over my system and come with incomplete or missing uninstallers (cough adobe cough java). Now I avoid .pkgs whenever I possibly can.

(is it because it installs system menus? if so, do you SWEAR that it has a good and easy to find uninstaller?)

It used to be dmg-files before:

You can search the client repo for the reasons:

The answer: “We opted for a pkg-based installer because it seemed the simplest way of installing the extensions for Finder.”

That makes sense.

Personally I don’t want the Finder extensions on my system anyway… Pkgs downloaded off the internet and installed as root always seem to cause trouble.

Is there a way to install just the plain app? (guessing no, since that’s more thankless work for the packagers, but maybe there’s clever way to build it or extract it?)

Currently there is no independent client development from Nextcloud. They manage to release a branded client and with new versions they are already a bit behind, so I wouldn’t expect much for the moment. But feel free to build your own client, and contributions to the Nextcloud client (even packaging) will be appreciated.