Nextcloud lost its Folder Sync Connections

Prior to updating my windows client to 3.0, I had about 12 folder sync connections. I update and restart with 3.0 client, and i only have 1 folder sync. I right-click on the tray icon and quit nextcloud… start it again and have 2 folders showing up in the sync list. Quit again, restart, and now have 5 folders… Quit again, and now have 6… I will continue quitting and restarting to see what happens… but thought this behavior may interest someone.

(Other info: I am using the official docker container and also updated my 18.something it to the latest 19.01 at or around the same time.)

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I’m having the same problem with the Mac client. Very strange. A new connection shows up each time I restart the client.

I reverted back to 2.6.5 and all of my sync connections are back. I will hold off on upgrading until this problem is fixed.

Same here. Updated from 2.?.? to 3.0.1 on my Windows 10 machine. After 10 restarts all my folders are here now…

But what’s much worse: After the update the client forgot several settings: The list of ignored files and the settings which subfolders should be synchronized and which not. Even a downgrade does not help. Argh!

The topic is discussed here:

In the Issue 2279 the user “DPTJKKVH” wrote his solution. Does it works?