Nextcloud logs to syslog

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nextcloud 14

We set up our logs with syslogs demon to kiwi. It is working correct. The problem is that it is unreadable, like that

files/dimitris/\u03a4\u0391\u039a\u03a4\u0399\u039a\u039f\u0399 \u0395\u039b\u0395\u0393\u03a7\u039f\u0399/PRESTIGE BRANDS SA/2018/\u03a6\u039f\u03a1\u039f\u039b\u039f\u0393\u0399\u039a\u039f\u03a3 \u0395\u039b\u0395\u0393\u03a7\u039f\u03a3/\u03a6\u03a0\u0391/\u0394\u0397\u039b\u03a9\u03a3\u0395

These \u0391 are greek letters.
When i was reading these logs from log reader app of nextcloud it was ok.
Now we have problem to read them because there are not in folder where this app is reading and we cannot understand nothing. Maybe someone knows how to pass that problem ? On nextcloud or on kiwi level.

We have to use log server because of iso command so we cannot use normal log file on nextcloud.

You should make sure that your syslog server is configured to use the same character set (utf-16?) as your Nextcloud server. Otherwise you will not be able to read the text.

it is set in utf-8 like nextcloud.

I think there must be a difference in the configuration, because the code \u0399 e.g. is the UTF-16 encoding of the greek capital letter IOTA and not the UTF-8 one as you can see here:


we run our nextcloud in mysql with utf8-bin.
i see that our php use utf8. Our vm have xfs and our mounted data folder is on nfs. I dont know if that makes some difference. I cannot understand how the application of nextcloud logging read it correct.