Nextcloud Login Issues after Install via cPanel's Softaculous Software App


I recently installed Nextcloud v.20.0.1 on one of my websites using cPanel’s “Softaculous App Installer” however after multiple installs/removals I still cannot seem to get the web interface running (i.e. The weird thing is that I am able to access the application via the Nextcloud iOS App as well as the standard desktop application on Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

Initially I am given the login screen to which I enter my credentials, however I am receiving the “HTTP ERROR 500” error. Per the cPanel “Server Information” screen, I am currently running a PHP Version of 5.6.40 and a MySQL version of 10.0.38. Does anyone have insight at all as to why this is occurring?

Any assistance is very much appreciated.

Nextcloud - HTTP Error Info

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You’ll need to change your PHP version withinin Cpanel, which is outside of the Softaculous appstore. Back in Cpanel itself, you’ll see an option to choose your version of PHP. Choose 7.3 and your problem should be resolved.

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@just Thank you for your reply, however after checking the myPHPadmin section of cPanel, I see that my current version is showing as “PHP version: 7.3.6”. Any other reasons, suggestions, etc as to why this might still be occurring?

That is the correct version as far the panel is concerned. You’ll need to contact your hosting provider to sort out why nc is on the incorrect version.

same problem here. Still unsolved.