NextCloud linux server on same network as Windows Server 2016

Is it possible to set up a second server for NextCloud that can operate on the same network as our Windows Server 2016? I don’t need to have the 2 servers to connect with one another. I just would like to be able to access NextCloud on the workstations in our office.

All help is very much appreciated as I am new to NextCloud.

If you have internet in your office you can access every nextcloud in the internet.
If you like a nextcloud in your intranet you can install a nextcloud. You only need an old pc, a pi or something else with linux, apache/nginx, php, database e.g. MariaDB and the linux-nextcloud-server software. If you also use dyndns and port-forwarding on your router you can access the intranet-nextcloud from the internet. If not, than not.

If your windows 2016 is fast you can also install a virtual linux server and nextcloud on the windows 2016 server :wink: