Nextcloud Linux Client Without GUI

Hi, all! I wasn’t able to find this anywhere. Is there away to run the nextcloud client as a daemon or service in Linux? In other words, I have a server with no GUI installed. Or perhaps there is another sync option that I am missing? Thanks for the help!

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You could mount it via webDAV and then have the relevant files which should be synced stored in that folder.

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it’s an old Topic but still …

on debian 9

apt show nextcloud-desktop-cmd
Description: folder synchronization with an Nextcloud server - cmd client
 The Nextcloud desktop app lets you always have your latest files wherever
 you are. Just specify one or more folders on the local machine to and a server
 to synchronize to. You can configure more computers to synchronize to the same
 server and any change to the files on one computer will silently and reliably
 flow across to every other.
 This package provides the command line client specialising in
 synchronizing with cloud storage provided by Nextcloud.

looks like this is what @phipac was looking for?


Now it is 2020 :slight_smile: You can use Nextcloud desktop cmd. It gives you the ability to run your sync from the command line. Great option for devops.

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