Nextcloud, Lightsail, and S3

I had a quick question on my setup. I am new to this enviroment and forum so my apologies if I am not in the right place.

I setup NC on an ubuntu lightsail instance using S3 for primary storage. From what I can gather the files that i sync are not readable in S3 from the way I set it up.

My main question is regarding what happens in a failure. Is all the meta data stored in the mySQL DB that would ‘interpret’ the S3 data? If that db gets corrupted, what is my option to recover the data?

Is it just to take DB backups or regular snapshots? Optimally I would like to just look at s3 but it sounds like I would have to totally rebuild my instance to make that happen and configure with External storage and not Object. Or is there a way to make that switch with the current instance?