Nextcloud licensing - Paid add-ins

From this topic (message 7), a Nextcloud official has written:

Licensing Nextcloud / 7

“You also get access to which gives you a few pieces of software from partners, free or for pay. For example the Outlook add-in, which costs money,…”

Where can we get the list of those paid add-ins?


That is part of the enterprise subscription, so it is the best to contact their support (check out on

Does this mean the information about the add-ins is not publicly available?

I don’t know, it’s just not the community version that everybody knows here. Except for the information about the outlook plugin, I don’t think they have a complete list of all software. But you have to ask them if this information is not public or if they haven’t put everything online yet.

@jospoortvliet could be the right person to answer your questions

I wrote questions because you seem to have several of them:

My impression is that it could be really worthwhile for you to contact Nextcloud GmbH to have a detailed explanation.
After that, if you wish, we could be interested in knowing if you will select or not Nextcloud as the solution for your needs and why

Thanks for your answer and time Tflidd.

We’re talking about the things you can find on

  • Outlook Add-in
  • Collabora Online
  • OnlyOffice
  • Spreed High Performance Back-end for Talk

We have a free Nextcloud Filemaker Pro add-on on our portal as well.

Thanks :grinning:

@jospoortvliet I am looking for filemaker intergration solutions. Your above mentioned “Pro add-on” can not be found by google in Germany and the URL is dead. Ist there still a chance to let Filemaker “see” Files on an encrypted NC-Server?