NextCloud License question


We have a question about NextCloud copyright(licence).
We are currently considering using the open source NextCloud Community Edition as a commercial service.
We know that NextCloud is an GNU AGPL v3+ license, but do we also allow images of NextCloud’s web screens to be posted on the websites we manage?
The image below.

Also, please tell me any other points to keep in mind when posting NextCloud information on the websites we manage.

I found this for you:

The output of a program is not, in general, covered by the copyright on the code of the program. So the license of the code of the program does not apply to the output, whether you pipe it into a file, make a screenshot, screencast, or video.

I think the output e.g. screenshot is your data and your license.
You can find a lot of nextcloud screenshots in the internet.
I think there is no problem with screenshots.



Thank you for the answer.

When we checked the information provided, we were able to confirm that images such as screenshots do not affect the license.

We think that there is no problem in using the screenshot image of NextCloud, so we will use it.

Thank you.