Nextcloud + LDAP + Openfire

Hello ,
I downloaded the latest Nextcloud VM , enabled the XMPP plugin from the store and Installed openfire version 4

Openfire works fine on its own using spark as client.
Openfire works one time only should I manually enter username and passowrd from nextcloud XMPP

After logging out from nextcloud, if using firefox browser the login to nextcloud is impossible (it keeps on trying without any error)
Using any other browser such as chrome, Edge…the login will tehn be possible but this time same behavior should we try to login to the XMPP server (openfire)
If I disable the XMPP plugin in nextcloud then login will be possible from firefox.

I tried the above with and without LDAP same behavior, should someone has an experience and knowledge to solve the problem please provide it with LDAP in mind.

Need someone’s help to fix this problem.

Best regards


Update, there are several bugs in the chat app of nextcloud. latest release 3.0.1 solved some minor issues yet to be operational.