Nextcloud it will be Open source For Ever ?!

Hello Good Morning ,
i Have Question?!
i just install nextcloud and there is Good Work on that project
thanks for sharing it , i have question it will still open source and the mobile app too ? or there any new that nextcloud will going to be paid service " im talking about self hosting "
waiting the Answer and thanks :slight_smile:

A promise of a company requires you to trust the company.
Nextcloud GmbH has a strong commitment to open source and I (as an user) truly believe that Nextcloud as a software will never go closed source.

However: Control is better than trust, so just checkout the license: Nextcloud is licensed under the AGPL, which basically means, that in the absolutely worst case everyone could just pick up the latest published source code and continue it as an open source project.


thanks for Your Replay ,
i hope .
i know that but i was worry so i asked to be sure :slight_smile:
cuz nextcloud is very nice software

I would expect it to be a major legal problem for them to try to close source it, since code contributed by third parties (such as from myself) creates a requirement that they obtain signoff or strip out contributed code.

Secondary to that, its not exactly possible to distribute it in a non-open-sourced manner, since the languages that it is written in are interpreted and not compiled. Some code is obfuscated to some extent (javascript), but still can be managed.