Nextcloud is Uploading very slow (just 1 Mb/s) / Hosting provider supports 40 Gbit/s


my Nextcloud is uploading very slow. Just 1-2 Mbit/s. I do have a few TB to upload so that would take a few days. My internet is strong enough (300 Mbit/s download and 150 Upload). My nextcloud is at my hosting providers web space. They support up to 40 Gigabyte / Second . I think that’s enough. Im using my SQl. my PHP Ram is 256 Mb. Apache: 2.4, Webserver Uplink: 20 Gbit/s, Redudante: 40 Gbit/s, OS: Debian Linux, CPU: 12-Core Intel Xeon, PHP 7.2

Do you have any ideas what I could ?

Thank you very much!

Do you know what the problem could be ?

yes sure… you could like search the forum for slow upload or such and see what woul come out.
is just found several hits. some of them referrimng to a docker-setup (which doesnt get clear if you’re using it as well or not)

opn the other hand i do see a quite low php-ram setting. what would happen if you’d grant more capacity to it?
sometimes the bottleneck would be lack of ram as in general… soo there’s plenty to research to do for you. you need to find the bottleneck yourself. at first step.