NextCloud is SO CLOSE to what I want ❤

I don’t think NextCloud can do it, but I am optimistic :blush:

Can I share my photos with a private link, and send the user straight to gallery view?

Yes. It can do this.

If you share from the Gallery, the link goes to the gallery. You can also modify the link by hand.

We’ve discussed in the past making it an option when you share but that kind’a got stuck in the mud, it complicates the UI perhaps too much to be worth it.

Also, we want to integrate the gallery simply in the Files app… that makes this need go away completely.

Oh cool!!! :star_struck:

How can I find the share link from the gallery? :zipper_mouth_face:

If you switch to the gallery there’s a share button on the right (for folders) and individual files can be shared too, there’s an overlay with share icons on the top-right.

Aha so I need to view a photo first? Okay then. I have two icons: one to close, and a recycle bin. Is this because I am using NextCloud 10?

Switch to the next photo with the button on the right. I saw this too, I think it is a bug - sometimes the share thing doesn’t show up…

Doesn’t work for me :frowning: I tried going through all the photos, with the keyboard and the mouse. Can you tell me what I need to edit in the url to make it work instead? :):grin:

here’s an example shared link from the gallery:

not too hard, I think :wink:

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Ahhhhh I feel dumb now, I was expecting ?view=thumbnailview at the end :blush:

I changed /s/kmbfsdikobfsdb to /apps/gallery/s/kmbfsdikobfsdb and now it works great - I will not ask about sorting though!!! haha

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Don’t feel dumb, it isn’t logical… We should really do this integration thing. Some day :smiley:

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I tried on Linux and it works better :slight_smile:

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+1 for the nextcloudbox image !!
Happy user of it myself :smiley: