Nextcloud is gone

afaik it depends on your backup, I think… restore the latest you have


There are certain unknown and many issues which are unanswered with your particular installation and setup

1. That extra Apache

You were running your nextcloud via default web ports (80/443). It’s not possible to have two apaches running unless one of them is on non standard web port

As we can see from this troubleshooting thread, shifting NextCloud Snap to 81/444 got it back working again.

Question is how was it running previously?

2. Fixer Process

nextcloud-fixer is suppose to be inactive on a normal healthy installation, why is it active? Is it trying to fix something?

3. Old Snap Installation

Snap is supposed to update itself and contains of that package automatically, but your snap version is bit behind.


Something is preventing it to access internet or permission issue or configuration is changed to stop itself from updating?

4. Possibility of another nextcloud

Most surprising thing was your previous 80/443 working nextcloud. What was your clients getting? That native apache installed services or accessing snap nextcloud?

Since you are unsure about working and purpose of that extra apache, I wonder is there another nextcloud installation (web installation) running on that apache also?

No, unless you are restoring previous backups.

There are too many unknowns, ifs and buts happening here. It is very hard to troubleshoot. I think main purpose and immediate crisis is averted since you are now able to access the instance and you can start backing up your data.

Personally I would backup the user data and start from scratch.

  1. Backup the data
  2. Format disc and clean install Ubuntu 22
  3. Install Snap Nextcloud
  4. Restore the data backup


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