Nextcloud is freezing after setting up Deck with 20 boards and 300 cards

Hi everyone, I’m trying to implement a management software on Nextcloud through the Deck application.

I have set up 20 whiteboards with over 300 tasks and attached pdf files but the system is really slow. it is currently installed on a service of a German server company.
Usually Nextcloud freezes and the system becomes unusable.

Do you have to suggest me a correct version of Nextcloud and the Deck application to avoid usability problems?


Do you know Issues - nextcloud/deck at Github. Perhaps you find their more information. Also you can post an own issue.

Contact your server provider first. Your system is slow, which is on their infrastructure. You should also be able to check resource usage on your server account to confirm why it is not performing well.

Also, please fill out the #support template. This post is extremely vague and we just cannot help you as-is.

I respectfully disagree with this. This post is a vague support post, which we know nothing about. It is not yet appropriate to contact the developer. Let’s work through the details and find out more. OP can start by contacting their provider. If still confused they can fill out our linked support template. Details on their system will be helpful in case it turns out to be a 512mb ram pentium.

Your use case also sounds like a pretty heavy use case of the deck app and potentially your instance. I’m not sure I get your use case right from your topic but one deck with 300 tasks and per task an attachment, times 20, is probably too heavy.

It’s not so much the number of tasks but the number of attachments that worries me. If one user has 20 decks, per deck 300 tasks, and per task 1 attachment, this means doing the file related queries would generate database queries checking for 6000 checks

Sorry and i think you are perhaps right. But I thought with the quite large deck instance it could perhaps rather be solved by developers e.g. regarding memory usage. Also, it might be an interesting use case for developers. I think in this forum here a solution is not to be expected.