Nextcloud is blocking new subdomains

Any subdomain added after I’ve installed Nextcloud, even if I just changed the apache config file of another one, Nextcloud always takes over all subdomains and is then just saying [DE] “Zugriff über eine nicht vertrauenswürdige Domain”.

Apache config:
Nextcloud config:

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Post your config.php please.

First guess would be to add the subdomain to the “Trusted Domains” Entry there.

Also: What do you want to achieve with “adding subdomains”, i´m just curious :wink:

Updated my post to contain the new nc config file.

Having more sites?
Nextcloud itself is hosted on a subdomain.

And how do you add another subdomain? A new vhost?

Yeah, basically.

Have you tried addding the subdomain in config.php like that?

array (
0 => ‘’,
1 => ‘’,
2 => ‘’,