Nextcloud ios client creates a new album in Iphone photos

Hi, I 'm a customer with a nextcloud server running 14.1 and last iOS version on mi Iphone 6s plus.
I use Nextcloud to synchronize my photos on Iphone. Everything is perfect. However, I realized that Nexcloud client creates a new album “Nextcloud” in the Iphone photo gallery. it is necessary? I would not like this new album in the photo gallery. How can this option be removed?


Hello there,

I have the same question here : Why is this album necessary and how to prevent this automatic creation ?



Hi. Same question here.

Is this album necessary? Does it use phone storage? Can we get rid of it?

Hope somebody can help us with this issue.

Maybe @ios can help?
Old question and still without answer.

Hi, where is the problem, the album is only a Tag, does not require memory.


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Thanks @ios.

Just another question. Whats is the criteria to including photos to this album?