Nextcloud iOS app keeps crashing since installing v2.17

Updated the Nextcloud iOS app to v2.17 two days ago. Now the app won’t stay open for longer than three seconds.

Anyone else experiencing this as well?

For the record, the server details:
CentOS 7.3.1611
PHP 7.1.2
MariaDB 5.5.52
Nextcloud 11.0.2

Hi if possible clear cache otherwise try to reinstall the App.

In order to be able to clear the cache I would need the app to stay open for longer than three seconds, so that’s not an option.

So I removed the app, and re-installed it.

Now it again seems to work like it should. Thx.

App keeps crashing for me as well. I foolishly updated on ipad as well as iphone. The app crashes on both.
I tried deleting the app, rebooting the device and reinstalling; no luck…

Same problem, if i delete the application, reboot my device and reinstall. The application crash again

@Andy_D open an issue here :


Try entering the username “case sensitive”…

My username has no uppercase. I have retest and same error.

@ludovicis create a new account test and try

No more error with ios and Nextcloud 11.0.3

The only solution I found was to put the telephone on Airplane Mode, delete the account on the app, and then take off Airplane Mode and putting again the count Plus also you can try cleaning the Cache but it doesn’t work only with that

This issue is fixed with the new version 2.17.1, please update.


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