Nextcloud iOS app "Documents & Data" size?

Having just upgraded my iPhone and trying to slim the old one down before taking a backup, I noticed the iOS app using a huge amount of space. Well, huge, compared to what I would expect it to use.
I went into the “Settings > Advanced” of the app and tried the “Clear cache” option a couple of times. And it sort of worked.
Going into the iPhone settings and choosing “General > iPhone Storage” and then choosing the Nextcloud app, the “Documents & Data” size went down from 30 GB to now 13.75 GB. But why is it using so much data even after clearing the cache?
Next step could of course be to delete the app and then reinstall.
App version is 2.23.3. Nextcloud server version is 15.05.

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I also have this problem? The only answer I seem to get is ‘clear cache’. But I have done that over and over and still have GB’s of data somewhere.

In the end, I removed the app and then re-installed. It isn’t a huge amount of effort, and it obviously cleared the storage space required way down. It will probably creep up again and I may then have to do the same again.

Be interesting to know what this data is.

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You probably already solved this but, this helped me to reduce the app size from several GB to 77 MB (Each reduced the app size):

  1. Clear cache (More > Settings > Advanced > Clear cache (close to the bottom) > Restart device – last likely not necessary)
    (steps from this helpful NC forum link: Nextcloud taking up a huge amount of space on iphone - #2 by Andreww)

  2. Then tried: More > Settings > Advanced > Clear Log file > close app (had to scroll)