Nextcloud IOS app - Connection to Nextcloud behind nginx Proxy is not working - Web and desktop sync is working!

i cant connect to my nectcloud (which is hosted myself, behind a nginx proxy). Everything is working fine, except IOS Connection ovr IOS App.

  • Web Access is working
  • Desktop Sync Client is working

Do you have any ideas ?


I think it is a problem with the IOS App. Perhaps you can also test the Android App.

Please post more details. Perhaps logs of your IOS App.

Also you can create a temporary account at and use the server or and the generated user and password “demo” (60 minutes). If this works with IOS App it is a server problem. If it also not works it is an IOS App problem.

Hi, it seems working with, but not with my domain. It comes to an timeout after a while trying. Is the a possibility to set a config change over the config.php file.
I did it already to get the desktop app syncing. ( ‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’).
Thanks and Regards Martin