Nextcloud iOS app autoupload removed images


For some months ago I replaced Dropbox with my own Nextcloud server for automatic upload for my photos and videos from my iPhone. I work good but I have found one weird thing. If I take 10 pictures at my cat and then some minutes after go in at the iPhone photo gallery at remove 5 of them because they are bad. Then when I starting the Nextcloud app on the phone it starts and uploading all 10 photos. It looks like the Nextcloud app is grabbing the photos from somewhere else then the iPhone photo album where I remove all bad photos. If I take several photos and then go directly and remove the bad photos and then start the Nextcloud app it only finds the photos I donยดt removed so it looks like Nextcloud is scanning for new photos in the background and that is fine but the problem I think is that the Nextcloud app still finds the photos and upload them after I removed them from the iPhone photo album. A good solution would be that it says file error or something for these files I removed from the iPhone photo album but Nextcloud app has found them before. Do any one else has this problem?

Nextcloud version:11.0.3
Nextcloud iOS app version:
Operating system and version: Debain 8
Apache or nginx version: Apache/2.4.10
PHP version:7.0.19