Nextcloud internar server error Qnap ubuntu virtual machine

I am installing nextcloud (23.0.3) on a virtual machine hosted on a Qnap (qts5.0.x) nas server.
I install a machine with ubuntu (20.04.4) I download nexclod ( 23.0.3) ( I create a database I configure apache (7.4)…

When I launch the installer I get

Internal Server Error : (

What is past? What am I doing wrong? Any idea how to fix it?..

In all the installations that I have done, it is the first time that I see something like this.

Sorry no real idea. Please post more details e.g. configurations, logs, …

But you can test one command. Perhaps you find a hint to the problem. You can test to execute the php file in the shell.

sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/index.php

(perhaps you must change the username)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: Contacted Qnap support despite stating that they don’t support third party apps. It tells me to use nginx. In your opinion this should fix something?


buy me a Qnap (qts5.0.x) and i will investigate. :rofl:

Sorry, i couldn’t resist, but nobody can help you here !
You have a specific hardware, using a specific OS, running a virtual something… ans your asking for help about nginx.

My guess is qnap os is using nginx, so you virtual machine should too for dependency matters.

Unless having the exact same qnap your using, reverse engineering is out of the scope…


Better ask on the qnap forum, if one exist.

I don’t think it’s like that in most of the videos that are seen on youtube they are using apache as a web server. That Qnap says to use ngix I guess personal preferences…
We’ll try with ngix if it magically fixes itself…

Solved for some reason that I can’t understand, the owner and the permissions to the installation directory had been changed.

It is enough to grant the execution permissions to the installation directory and everything is OK.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/nextcloud/