NextCloud Integrations with Popular Apps?

Hey guys,
I just finished migrating from GSuite to NextCloud and I am really pleased. NextCloud runs like a charm, great job!
So I have a question regarding integrating with third-party apps. When I was using GSuite I used to integrate Google Calendar for example with external apps for scheduling, CRM and task management. I couldn’t find much info regarding NextCloud being able to integrate with external apps aside from installing some of the open source apps in the apps dir. Is NextCloud designed to not integrate with 3rd party apps for security reasons or am I missing something? I am a beginner so any help is appreciated.


Nextcloud has primarily been designed to be the one-and-only “save harbor” for your data. So there is basically no requirement to interact with Google and Co. services. 3rd-party developers have created additional functions to store e.g. data on a Google drive etc., but this isn’t part of the core bundle. Nevertheless you can access data on a Nextcloud server using standard protocols, like WebDAV, CardDAV,CalDAV.

More information can be found here