Nextcloud integration with BigBlueButton

Hi all,

I want to thank you for the great job you are doing.

I started to use Owncloud in my company and for our customers two years ago and now I’ m very interested about the new features that Nextcloud will bring to us.

Among all the new functionalities I think that the WebRTC integration is the most innovative.

Have you ever thought about an integration with BigBlueButton WebRTC solution? I use it for work and it’s a really good software.

I mean: I can run Nextcloud on my servers, I can also run BigBlueButton on my servers --> why don’ t integrate them? I know that is your first WebRTC solution.

Thanks for the answer


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Certainly, big blue button would be a good addition to Nextcloud in the form of a big blue button app. I don’t see it competing with Spreed me at all as one is more of a direct communication/chat app, and the other is more targeted at online courses/presentations/collaboration.

The $64,000 question though is who has the availability to create the app,:wink: Personally is love to see somewhere set up (bounty source?) to create bounties, not just fit features/bugs, but apps to integrate existing foss web apps…

I’m Lucian and I can achieve this integration. I have experience with BigBlueButton and systems integration. We built Yconf as an application over BigBlueButton from which it could begin integration.
See more on and here you can contact me.

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So, oprealuci… feel like creating a Nextcloud app? :wink: If you needed funds to do it, you could always open a bounty for it on BountySource, or another crowdfunding platform.

Thank you. I did not know BountySource.
I use in my company on several projects, owncloud few years.
Of course, as I owncloud customized to my needs.

Hi Lucian
Could you please PM me more info about your service in integrating the BBB into the YConf web services? I intend to start up an online tutoring business and require some help in integrating BBB onto my website. I am using WordPress for my website. Thanks.

Maybe have a look at Tikiwiki:

(you can have a common login with Nextcloud via SAML or simply share files via a webdav external storage: )

There is now a first integration in the app store: